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Due to scheduled power line maintenance at city hall, the website will not be available between 6 PM on Friday, March 16 and 6 PM on Sunday, March 18. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


Motor Vehicle systems across the country begin to issue new driver’s licenses. For car owners, the current driver’s licenses are still valid until the expiration date.

The parking lot by the Taipei Municipal Hoping Elementary School is open to service.


DOT supports the Traffic Division,Taipei City Police Department to remove illegally parked bicycles in areas around the MRT Technology Building Station.


The 2011 Vehicle Inspections Demonstration at The Taipei City Vehicle Inspection Agency is held at Baojiexing and Xinxin Corp. Ltd on the 7, and 14 of July, respectively.


A fleet comprising 11 low-floor buses for route No. 266 under Danan Bus is inaugurated.


Rush-hour reversible lane on Minquan East Road (the stretch between Fuyuan Street and Chenggong Road) is canceled. Between 7:00 and 9:00am, eastbound vehicles traveling on Minquan Bridge cannot make right turns on Xingai Road.


Circuit workshops by “Traffic Safety Advocacy Team for Senior Citizens” are hosted. The tour ends on October 13.


Roadways surrounding the Youth Park are designated as the Demonstrative Traveling Area for Senior Citizens. Neon signs reminding travelers to watch out for pedestrians and pedestrian-only time phase facilities are installed.


“The 2011 Second Seminar on Taipei Joint Bus System Driver Service Quality Enhancement” is hosted.