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Traffic control mechanisms and improvement measures have been implemented during Yangmingshan Flower Festival (from February 19th through March 22nd) and Calla Lily Festival (from March 26th through April 26th) to disperse heavy traffic flows during the festivities.

A total of 4 courses have been implemented; these include: basic cycling training classes, defensive motorcycling classes, road safety driving classes for seniors, and driving re-trainings for those with driver’s license. Applicants can register for the classes via phone. The classes are held at 1:30pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Designated Lantern Festival shuttles have been launched for the Taipei Lantern Festival. Services are available until February 15th.

Deputy Mayor Lin commissions DOT to launch the “Taipei Beautiful – Roadside Landscaping Improvement Project,” and to integrate subproject implementation details (scheduling, project scope) supplied by the various departments under the City Government.

The 2008 Taipei City Traffic Signal Length Remodification Project has been completed.

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