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Community-based parking management was completed in Songshan District’s Jiulong Mansion. Parking would be managed by the community committee.

"Designated Driver Service Press Conference" was held. 10 cab service providers in Taipei City were invited to work with DOT and formulate a designated driving cab fare ceiling, ensuring cab fare transparency for designated driving services.

Judicial relief for traffic violation was completed. The original "lodging objection" was substituted with administrative procedures. Appellants must visit administrative procedural service at district courts for case review.

The 2012 Blue Highway Disaster Prevention Drill began.

Additional services for Bus No. 9006 of Sanchong Bus and Taoyuan Bus began. 144 roundtrip bus services were now available on workdays, and 88 services on holidays.

The 2012 Greater Taipei Bus Route Handbooks were distributed.

The 2012 Cross-district disaster prevention drill in Zhongshan District was held.

26 low-floor buses designated under Taipei City Bus No. 606 began service.

Wheelchair rental is now available at 25 public parking services.

Battery charging services for electric wheelchairs at public parking services were added.

"Fun Travel in Taipei" app for Windows phone was launched.

Minshan Street (from Xinhu First Road to Xinhu Third Roada) in Neihu District changes from a one-way road to two-way road.

Underground parking service at Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry completed construction.

To Accommodate the opening of underground parking service at Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, marking sidewalks on the south and east sides of the high school were installed.

A press conference on "2012 Taipei International Car-free Day - Taipei on a Car Break" was held.

Traffic maintenance inspection for "2012 Uni-Hankyu Department Store Taipei - Anniversary Sale" was convened.

Traffic maintenance inspection for "2012 Tianmu Sogo Department Store - Anniversary Sale" was convened.

Traffic maintenance inspection for "2012 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Nanxi Branch - Anniversary Sale" was convened.

An official drill for the 2012 National Disaster Prevention Day - Earthquake Simulation Exercise - kicked off.

"2012 Taipei International Car-free Day - Taipei on a Car Break" held at the Taipei City Government Plaza attracted nearly 10,000 people to experience the joy of going car-free. It was a pledge of Taipei's commitment to achieving low-carbon transport.

CitiAir Bus's No.2068 officially reduced the frequency of services.

20,000 copies of the 20th edition of the “Convenience and Service for All People” pamphlets were printed and distributed to help citizens better understand adjudication services and information on paying traffic violation fines, so as to strengthen law abidance among citizens.

Bike lane readjustment construction on Dunhua South and North Roads began.

13 low-floor buses designated under Taipei City Bus Red No. 29 began service.

A news conference for "a four-language station name broadcast system" was held.

A "Green Transport Seminar" was held at Eslite Xinyi Store in Taipei City. NGO's, students and people from all sectors graced the event to explore Taipei City's transport development future.

The 2012 First "Large Passenger Bus Driver Training" conclusion ceremony was held in partnership with Department of Labor's Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training.

4 low-floor buses designated under Taipei City Bus No. 612 began service.

Integrated Bus Route Information Display and route displays of gallery-type waiting booths were completed at MRT Dongmen Station.

MRT Dongmen Station was inaugurated and began service.

Priority Parking Grids for Expectant Mothers were added in 3 public parking spaces.

Bike signs were installed in Dazhi business area; the installation of slow lanes was completed on 63 road sections as well in the same region.

Inspection tours of 25 high-risk campuses were completed; traffic signs, markings and signage improvements were made accordingly to improve schoolchildren's travel safety.

Traffic sign consolidations for Monga Avenue, Chonghua Road Section 2, Jiangguo South Road, Yanping South Road and Civic Boulevard were completed.