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Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office

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Why should the parking fee receipt be retained for six months?

(1) According to the newly-added Article 56(3) of the Road Traffic Management and Punishment Act (September 01, 2005 version), “Where the driver parking at a roadside pay parking lot does not pay the parking fee on time, the competent authority shall notify him or her to pay the parking fee within 7 days in writing and charge required handling fees. The driver will be fined 300 NTD if he or she does not pay the parking fee within the specified time limit.” The punishment notice will be sent to the vehicle registration address of the car owner. Where no person is living at the vehicle registration location of the car owner, or delivery of the punishment notice is impossible, it will be retained at the local post office for 15 days and delivery will be re-attempted. A punishment notice that is not received within the specified time limit will be returned to the original reporting unit. Upon receiving a returned punishment notice, the reporting unit will create a file and transmit it to the local motor vehicle supervision office or adjudication office. A copy of the file will also be sent to the local county or city government so that it can publish the contents of the file in the bulletin.
(2) Where no person is living at the vehicle registration location of the car owner and his or her address has not been updated, retaining the receipt for six months is recommended to protect the car owner in case that providing evidence is made difficult by long delay of the report.