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A Movable Warrant Progress Inquiry System has been added to the Electronic Motor Vehicle & Drive Information System website, allowing visitors to conduct inquiries. Parking lots at Jinhua Junior High School and Songshan High School of Commerce and Home Economics are open to public use on holidays and nighttime. Underground parking lot at Linong Park and Xikang underground car park are open to public use.


The 2009 Golden Wheel Ceremony is held to publicly commend outstanding taxi service providers for service excellence.


Digital phone switchers and peripherals at the Traffic Adjudication Office have been replaced to enhance phone-in system features and improve service quality and performance.


Vehicular traffic recommences on Xinsheng Viaduct. Vehicular traffic traveling route and traffic control measures have been modified accordingly.


Jiuquan Street and Yumen Street have been closed for construction work for the Flora Expo.


The 2009 Blue Highway Accident Prevention and Rescue Drill has been conducted.


Community Safety and Health Promotion Society in Taipei City’s Neihu District organizes license testing for “Student Bicyclists Safety License in Neihu District.”   


Tactical southbound lane assignment from 7:00 – 9:00 am on Chengde Road (from Jiantan Road to Tonghe Street) has been canceled. Lane assignment south of Tonghe Street on Chengde Road remains intact.


Underground parking at Xinglong Park is open to public use. The Traffic Adjudication Office has completed “Appeals Application System” development. The system monitors and controls progresses of all appeals. An online service is available for appellants to look up appeal handling progress achieved.


To meet demands of public inquiry, the Motor Vehicle Office website now offers “real-time update on number of people waiting at the service window” service. Parking lot at Daan Junior High School is open to public use on holidays and nighttime. Underground parking at Yaxiang Park is also open to public use.


Underground parking at Taipei Municipal Jingmei Elementary School is open to public use.