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The parking lot by the District Hall in Zhongshan District is open to public use. Community parking management systems has been introduced in the San Jose community, Capital Block community in Zhongshan District and Prince 101 community in Xinyi District, allowing communities to conduct self-maintenance on car park.


S10 City Minibus is inaugurated.


The second Driver Safety Workshop 2009 for the Taipei Joint Bus Systems takes place. Drivers with a record of accidents are given priority enrollment. A total of 100 drivers attend the workshop. The second Taxi Driver Japanese Conversation Class for 2009 takes place. Classes are held on August 4th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 18th, 21st and 28th. A total of 16 trainees complete their lessons.


The Jinhu temporary parking lot is open to public use. The Emergency Response Center at the Taipei Summer Deaflympics is established.


“The Taipei City Elderly-honoring Fleet Inauguration Ceremony” takes place.


The Taipei Bus Station undergoes trial operations.


The parking lot at XingFu Junior High School is open to public use on holidays and nighttime.


Signal divergence control has been implemented on Tingzhou Road by the National Taiwan Normal University and the Shida Road ramp off the Shuiyuan Expressway


Two-way traveling is open to vehicles on Changan East Road, Section 2. The 2009 International Car Free Day in Taipei celebration kicks off with a series of car-free Q & A with awards: “one question per week”; “car-free is the way to go”; “YouBike short film showing,” “Shopping Expressway;” “Shopping fun on public transit and the search for great cuisines on the MRT network” are launched.


Low-floor buses for No. 282 New Guangfu Main Line (from Taipei Zoo to the Circle) under the Taipei Joint Bus System begin service.


The second Taxi Driver Japanese Proficiency Test for 2009 takes place. A total of 15 trainees pass the test. Barry Jenkins, President of the Australian Marine Industry, heads an entourage to visit the Taipei City Government. The Department of Transportation is in charge of receiving the visitors. The visiting group share their experience in promoting leisure yachting.


Low-floor buses for No. 280 New Xinheng Main Line (from Tianmu to Gongguan) under the Taipei Joint Bus System begin service.