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Six Taipei City taxi companies rated excellent in 2016

The Taipei Public Transportation Office announced the results of 2016 Taipei City Taxi Service Quality Accreditation (dispatched taxis). Taxi companies, whose services were rated excellent, included Taipei Star, Crown Taxi, Chihying Taxi, Metropolitan Taxi, Blue Angel Taxi, and Taiwan Taxi.
  The Taipei Public Transportation Office commented that this accreditation targeted only on taxi companies, which accept booking and dispatch taxies. A total of 19 taxi companies were assessed in terms of actual taxi riding experience and company organization. Under these two sections, there were (1) vehicle appearance, (2) vehicle interiors, (3) driving service, (4) company operational system, (5) driver management, and (6) passenger service. Taxi companies rated excellent received the “2016 Golden Wheel” award today on October 14, and the news had been released on the website of the Taipei Public Transportation Office. This allowed the public to know about various excellent taxi companies. All these 6 taxi companies had their own APP taxi booking services. People could make a booking by phone call, online, or downloading taxi booking APP. It was believed this would greatly reduce vacant taxies going around the city and avoid street taxi call. The Office will provide guidance and assistance to the taxi companies, whose accreditation results went below excellent, and hope to lift the overall taxi service quality in Taipei City.