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Taipei Public Transportation Office announced the use of bus event data recorder to help clear around bus stop area

As announced by the Taipei Public Transportation Office, some people parked cars within bus stop area. This blocked buses from stopping properly close to bus stop, seriously affecting passengers’ safety, and indeed made wheelchair passengers unable to get on and off the bus. The Office decided to provide the EDR (event data recorder) images captured by Taipei city buses to the police for clamping down on parking within bus stop area.
According to the Office, parking within bus stop area violates the regulations stipulated in Articles 55 and 56 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, and thus, shall be subject to a fine from NT$300 to NT$600 or NT$600 to NT$1200. People who conduct the aforementioned act shall bear legal responsibility if the act causes injuries and accidents of passengers while they are getting on and off the bus. The Office appealed to the public not to park within bus stop area for temporary convenience or would cause inconvenience of other people getting on and off the bus.
The Office held a meeting in April 2016 with all Taipei City bus companies and police office. Decisions were made at the meeting to forward EDR image captured by buses to police office for clamping down on cars parking within bus stop area. Bus companies were encouraged to forward images to assist police in clamping down on parking violation in accordance with the regulations stipulated in Article 7-1 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act. Enforcement took effect in July. Feedback will be accepted for review. The enforcement was to protect bus passengers’ interests and rights.