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The First Day of Implementing Southbound One-way Street Control on Ruihu Street in Neihu District during the Afternoon Peak Hours Showed Excellent Results

To solve the problem of traffic jam on Ruihui Street during the afternoon peak hours, Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office implemented a trial southbound one-way street control at Ruihu Street (between Ln. 171, Sec. 2, Jiuzong Rd. and Ln. 11, Sec. 6, Minquan E. Rd.) during the afternoon peak hours (17:00 to 19:00) on weekdays beginning March 23, 2016. The purpose of the control is to increase road capacity and relieve traffic congestion. With the first day of the implementation showing excellent results, the trial will continue. Drivers are requested to follow the directions during the control period.
The Office expressed that before the implementation of the control, the southbound congestion on Ruihu Street during afternoon peak hours extended all the way to the intersection of Yangguang Street. Based on the observation on the first day of the implementation, the traffic flow was smooth, without congestion. The result is obvious in general. However, few vehicles took advantage of the reversible lane on the first day. The Office recommends drivers heading towards National Highway 1 to make use of Ruihu Street. In addition, the original northbound vehicles using Ruihu Street shall now take Sec. 2, Jiuzong Rd. and Ln. 76, Ruiguang Rd. instead.
The Office’s improvement projects targeting the 7 bottleneck intersections and sections in Neihu District (see attachment) have now been carried out respectively. Improvement measures, including prohibition of temporary parking, reversible lane, ramp reposition and one-way street control are implemented at Ruiguang Rd., Sec. 6 of Minquan E. Rd., the ramp entrance of Huandong Expressway at Sec. 6 of Nanjing E. Rd., and Ruihu Street, during peak hours (see attached pictures). The Office will continue to observe the effects of the control. Related improvement projects will also be carried out at the ramp of National Highway 1 on Jiuzong Rd., the motorcycle lane on McArthur Bridge No. 1, as well as the Tiding Blvd. The Office reminds drivers that prohibition of temporary parking will be carried out at sections with a yellow line along Ruiguang Rd. during both morning and afternoon peak hours. Neihu Precinct will continue to exhort drivers until March 27th and begin enforcing the ban from March 28th. Drivers’ cooperation is required in the joint effort to improve traffic congestion.