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Taipei City Public Transportation Office

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What are the numbers to call to file a service-related complaint against the Taipei Joint Bus Systems?

1. Service providers in Taipei City:
Metropolitan Transport Corporation - 0800-053434
Shin-Shin Bus Services –0800-032159
Da-Nan Bus Company, Ltd - 0800-089456
CitiAir Bus - 0800-088626
Kuang-Hua Bus Company, Ltd/ Chung-Shing Bus Company, Ltd/ Chih-Nan Bus Company, Ltd/ Hsin-Ho Bus Company, Ltd/ Tamshui Bus Company, Ltd - 0800-002277
Taipei Bus - 0800-003307
San-Chung Bus Company, Ltd - 0800-090607
Capital Bus Company, Ltd - 0800-000866
Sindian Bus Co., Ltd - 2666-0678
Southeast Bus - 0800-616688
The Taipei Joint Bus Systems management committee - 0800-223650
2. The Public Transportation Office service hotline: 2729-1181
3. Email the Department of Transportation Commissioner at: http://contact.taipei.gov.tw/cclm/clm/aspx/CLMA0100E.ASPX?OU_ID=379530000HAZAACH
4. Email the Mayor at: