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“DOT Commissioner Jason Tse-Ying Lin Discusses Traffic” is launched on Facebook as a fan site.

Community-based parking management is completed in the Universe of Virtues Community in Neihu District, where parking would be managed by the community committee.

“Allowing More Kids to Experience the Blue Highway 2011” is hosted.


“Taipei City Disaster and Experts/Specialists Consultation for Response Mechanism at DOT – with the Compound Disasters triggered by the 3.11 Earthquake in Japan as an example” is convened.


“The 2011 First Taipei Joint Bus System Driver Safety Seminar and Training” is hosted.


Owners of passenger vehicles for five years who test their car for the first time after receiving the second notice are objects of the test run. Starting in April, 2011, notices for periodic tests are sent via text messaging. The notices were dispatched via the joint messaging platform of TCG twice a month.


The iPhone and Android editions of “Fun Travel in Taipei” is launched.

The 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition officially comes to an end. During the exhibition period, free shuttle buses carried 23,500,129 passengers; and the Blue Highway ferried 308,474 passengers. The boarding and alight zones of large passenger buses received 20,375 advanced bookings. A total of 126,208 small passenger vehicles parked in the designated parking, while 64,266 vehicles parked in the large passenger parking area.


The parking lot by Shuangxi Bridge is open to the public.

DOT assists in traffic flow supervision during Thanksgiving Week for the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo.

“The 2011 First Seminar on Taipei Joint Bus System Driver Service Quality Enhancement” is hosted.