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Community-based parking management is completed in Zaixing Modern Mansion in Wenshan District, where parking would be managed by the community committee.

“Preferential Metered Parking Discounts for Citizens” is launched at YouBike rental service. Users could visit the service center in person, or complete a one-time registration online to be eligible for long-term discounts. There is no need for a security deposit. Users can apply for a discount card quickly with their ID (or other valid identification documents).

Leisure Bus No. 110 is renamed Bus No. 681.


The 2011 Second Taipei Joint Bus System Travel Safety Inspection is held between October 3 and 5.


“The 2011 Fourth Taipei Joint Bus System Driver Safety Seminar and Training” is hosted.


Pre-inauguration inspection is conducted on the MRT Nangang Line.

A fleet comprising 34 low-floor buses for No. 601 under Metropolitan Bus is inaugurated.


A fleet comprising 30 low-floor buses for No. 208 under Chinan Bus is inaugurated.


A large LED signal display is installed at the intersection of Xinyi Road and Songde Road.


In support of the completion of the Nangang Underground Railway Project, travel route between the Civic Boulevard Section 6 and 7 (the stretch between Keelung Road and Yucheng Street) is adjusted starting at midnight.


Installations of traffic signals and street lights integrate rods are conducted along Heping East and West Roads, spanning 16 intersections. Also, replacement installation is underway for the existing traffic signals and street lights integrate rods across 11 intersections in Xinyi District.

The parking lot in Xinyi Elementary School is open to service.


Color pavements marking bike lanes are completed on Changxing Street and Fanglan Road.


The 2011 service satisfaction surveys are conducted on the Taipei City Vehicle Inspection Agency.

Construction supervision and review of traffic signals and street lights integrate rods are conducted.


The construction of the Nangang Underground Railway Project is completed. Travel routes and other related traffic facilities are adjusted accordingly between Civic Boulevard Section 6 and 8.

Traffic signals and street lights integrate rods along Chengde Road are completed at 13 intersections.

An inauguration ceremony is held for the Nangang Underground Railway Project.


Civic Boulevard Section 6 and 8 is open to traffic starting at midnight.


“The 2011 Third Seminar on Taipei Joint Bus System Driver Service Quality Enhancement” is hosted.


DOT supports the Traffic Division,Taipei City Police Department to remove illegally parked bicycles around the National Taiwan University.

The 2011 Blue Highway Disaster Prevention (and Rescue) Drills are held.


Bicycle guide signs are installed along Daan Forest Park and Gongguan Waterfront spaces.


Starting at midnight, traffic along Lane 42 of Zhongshan North Road, Section 2 is permitted in the eastward direction; on the other hand, two-way travel comes into effect on the original one-way travel on Lane 44.

Designated travel roadway for large passenger buses by Nangang Station on Civic Boulevard, Section 8, is open to regular vehicular traffic.

In support of the Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice, convenience stores can now accept traffic violation fine payments. This new policy diversifies fine-paying channels for users who need to pay traffic violation fines for administrative enforcement.

Traffic controls for large events and computerized system operation, drills and demonstration at duty command center are held. The activities end on November 1.