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The parking lot at Shuanglian Elementary School is open to public use on holidays and nighttime. Deputy mayor Lin chairs an inauguration ceremony to unveil low-floor buses and large rehab buses for No. 21 New Neihu Main Line (from Donghu to Taipei Bridge), No. 205 New Bade Line Hall (from China University of Science and Technology to Dongyuan) and Red 32 New Minquan Main Line (from Nangang to Taipei Bridge).
“Car Free Day at Daan Forest Park” takes place with a “car-free” sapling planting activity.
The parking lot at Chongqing Junior High School is open to public use on holidays and nighttime.
Zonta International Club District 3 in Taipei City donates a rehab minibus to city government.
From 9:00 – 9:30am, and from 1:30 – 2:00pm (except Wednesday afternoons), Monday through Friday, the motorcycle road test area is open to motorcycle test takers for practice. Taipei City pioneers the country’s first 30-minute roadside meter parking charge. Hybrid low-floor buses are unveiled in an official ceremony.
Starting from September 16th, 2009, a collaborative project between the Household Registration Administrations and the Motor Vehicle Office has been officially launched. All 14 household registration offices around the City begin handling driver’s license address updates to fully implement one-stop services for the public. The Department’s English website is officially launched on the new Taipei City Government online platform.
16 – 22
The 2009 Taipei International Car-Free Day press conference “Clean Transportation of a New Era” takes place at the MRT East Metro Mall, concourse 2. Car-free “Public Transit Week” kicks off.
The 2009 Taipei International Car Free Day and the “Car-Free, Good!” bicycling event is organized. The Zongxiao Commercial District (from Dunhua to Fuxing Roads) has been shut down for the “Clean Transportation of a New Era” activity.
A total of 4 “Wireless Internet Service Stations” have been established in the waiting area at the Motor Vehicle Office.
Audio recording and videotaping facilities will be activated throughout the course of appraisal meetings to strengthen meeting procedure enforcement and meeting the demands of evidence gathering. Electronic car wreck appraisals and service quality will be further implemented.
One way, westbound traveling on Ankang Road (the stretch between alley 245, section 3 of Kangning Road and Kangning Road) has been implemented.
29 – 30
The 2009 Traffic Safety Training and Inspection Workshop is organized by Taipei City’s Department of Education to raise awareness on bicycling safety and conduct seed instructor trainings. Two workshops are held and attended by 93 people.
The lottery drawing of 2009 Taipei International Car Free Day takes place.

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