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The Motor Vehicles Office of the Taipei City Government adds “estimated waiting time” on the numbered waiting tickets. Volvo Motor Co. Ltd’s dealership in Taipei City’s Binjiang branch factory begins accepting agency motor vehicle consignments.
The taxi waiting area next to East Entrance 3 of Taipei Main Station is inaugurated and placed into service.
Re-inspection on MRT Wenshan-Neihu Line is being conducted and will last until 7th.
Plaque of the “Taipei City Safe Driving Education Center” is unveiled in an official ceremony. Measures are implemented for buses under the Taipei Joint Bus Systems: improving service punctuality, crackdowns on prolonged stays at bus stops for carrying more passengers, failure to pull in to bus stops as required, failure to drive on designated bus lanes, driving off before the door was properly shut, and failure to use renewable tires. Inspections and crackdowns on these failures will last for 6 months.
Mayor Hau presides over the “In Support of the Deaflympics – Give Pedestrians Right-of-Way” campaign press conference.
The Motor Vehicle Office conducts a trial run on online vehicle license plate number selection. The service officially launches in January, 2010. In light of the throng of license test-takers during summer, from 8:00 - 9:00am, Monday through Friday, from June 22nd through September 11th, 2009, motorcycle road test area is open to examinee practice.
LED-type road signs and large traffic signals are tested at the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road and Keelung Road. A trial run on the Taipei City Elderly-honoring Fleet service has also been conducted.
The underground parking at Dahu Park is open to public use.  
To ensure greater convenience for making payments voluntarily among the general public, raise awareness of ways to make payments, and improve case report execution efficiency in keeping with the Flora Expo and the Deaflympics, a total of 10,000 fans – each carrying the campaign messages - have been distributed to the general public to improve public service quality and effectiveness.

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