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A quarterly service satisfaction survey will be conducted starting March, 2009 to better understand the public’s expectations and thoughts about Traffic Adjudication Office, to use as reference on future business formulation, rectification and policy execution, and to improve service quality. A total of 4 surveys will be organized every year.

The first Taxi Driver English Conversation Class for 2009 is held. Classes take place on March 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th and 20th. A total of 19 trainees complete their lessons.

“Taipei City Safe Driving Education Center” is established. Various courses are available and trainee enrollment officially commenced.

Zhouzi 3D Car Park is inaugurated and open for public use.

Taipei City’s Public Bike Rental System and Demonstrative Operation Management Program – YouBike – under goes a test-run in Xinyi district.

The first Taxi Driver English Proficiency Test 2009 is held. A total of 17 trainees pass the proficiency test. The Taipei City Modern Driver’s Training Class is authorized to conduct professional, supervised, small-passenger car driving and training starting from April 24th, 2009, term 90, in class A.

In keeping with traffic control measures for designated areas during Tomb-Sweeping holiday, free tomb-sweeping shuttle buses has been implemented to serve the public during festival weekends: March 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, April 4th and 5th.

On this day, in keeping with mayoral briefing on traffic and transportation, the Taipei City Police Department and the Department of Environmental Protection conduct the “Crackdown on Illegal Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Refit.”

The issuing of roadside parking ticket for areas spanning Shilin and Nanyang (including south of Civic Blvd, north of Hoping West Road, sections 1 and 2, east of Zhonghua Road, Zhongshan South Road and west of Roosevelt Road) has been consigned to private operators.

Mayor Hau presides over the inauguration of the Audible Signal Systems and Presentation Ceremony of cane-type sensors.

Route S11 has been inaugurated in a ceremony at the Tianmu Baseball Stadium.

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