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The passage at basement level 2 of Taipei City Hall Bus Station is now open. The combination of street lamp and traffic light in tourism revitalization at Taipei Confucian Temple historical area is complete.

Taipei City Hall Bus Station is officially opened to the public. The signs for traffic and passengers surrounding the Taipei City Hall Bus Station have been installed due to the inauguration of the bus station.

City Minibus 12 begins service.

Intelligent Traffic Signal Design have been installed at various locations across Shilin District: “Zhongzheng Rd.- Chengde Rd.”, “Sec. 4, Chongqing N. Rd.- Tonghe W. St.”, and “Sec. 4, Chongqing N. Rd.- Hudong St.”.

Xinyi District has been designated a 'yield-to-pedestrians' area to increase the use of reflective facilities, so the brightness of pedestrian safety signs could help Taipei pedestrians.

Taipei City “Xinyi District Bike Lane” receives excellent markings in a nationwide evaluation.

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