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2015 Good Bus Manner Campaign completed successfully

The 2015 Good Bus Manner Campaign held by the Taipei Public Transportation Office, Taipei Bus Management Committee and Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation was launched in January. Following the commendation ceremony for excellent bus drivers in January, the campaign successfully ended in May with the “Bus on campus” event. The Taipei Public Transportation Office would like to everyone who participated in the campaign and their support to bus services. The Office will continue the effort to create friendlier and more caring bus transportation environment, and provide public transportation service to the world’s highest standard.

The Good Bus Manner Campaign this year was intentionally planned to encourage positive interaction between bus drivers and passengers so as to create cordial atmosphere on bus. The writing competition of the campaign received a total of 1,236 articles. Some of the writers showed how grateful they were for bus drivers’ hard work. Some of them shared their stories about how their lives were connected with bus. We also worked together with a child book writer and illustrator, “Milu” who was only 10 years old on 10 specially decorated buses, “Milu’s art – the theme bus”. Passengers who had the chance to get on these buses were eligible to a prize draw. On these buses were pictures and some words about bus riding safety rules and bus riding manner. One of the campaign events was the “2015 Good Bus Manner Campaign – Excellent bus driver commendation ceremony”, at which a total of 150 good bus drivers received awards. Their families how had always been supporting them were also invited to share the honor with them. The commendation ceremony was intended to encourage bus drivers to provide quality service to Taipei city citizens. From March to May, the campaign held 150 educational events on campus with approximately 4,500 school children participated. These events focused on teaching school children how to stay away from the blind corner of a bus, and bus-riding manner as well as safety rules. It was expected that school children would thus keep traffic safety in mind from the events.

The Taipei Public Transportation Office commented that the Good Bus Manner Campaign was first held in 2008, and it was held for the 8th time this year. The campaign has been very popular since it was first held, and surely has aroused drivers’ passion to their job. This made Taipei City bus service better and close to the public. The Office will continue to work with the Taipei City Bus Management Committee on relevant events with the purpose to increase bus service quality, and create high quality bus culture.

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