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Smart Go 4G bus stop pavilion launched

As the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs promoted the “4G Smart Broadband City Project”, the Taipei Public Transportation Office work worked along with the Asia Pacific Telecom on the “Smart Go Project”, and today (July 15) held the ceremony to officially launch the Smart Go 4G bus stop pavilion. Attended the ceremony were representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Department of Transportation and Department of Information Technology of Taipei City Government, and the Asia Pacific Telecom; they announced the official opening of the Smart Go 4G bus stop pavilion.
Commented by the Taipei Public Transportation Office, bus is one of the most common public transportation in Taipei City, and the project the Office worked with Asia Pacific Telecom with the purpose to provide better bus service had three benefits, industrial upgrade, local economy and public positive image. This project has made free 4G Wi-Fi available on 35 buses on 204 bus routes and 20 smart display boards. There will be 132 more buses and outdoor 55 bus stops providing free 4G Wi-Fi by end of 2016, giving a total numbers of 167 buses and 75 bus stops. This free Wi-Fi service is accessible for 30 minutes on buses or at bus stops labeled with the “Gt 4G Wi-Fi Taipei Public Free Internet Access” sticker. No registration is required. When registration becomes available, this service will be accessed free of charge for 3 hours.
According to the Taipei Public Transportation Office, today (July 15) the first outdoor smart bus stop, “Xinyi Yongkang Corner (MRT Dongmen Station)”, was established. Different from other bus stops, it provides not only 4G Wi-Fi service, but also information about major bus stops, weather forecast and governmental announcement. Expansion work will be carried out on bus lanes on Xinyi Road and Nanjing East Road.
With lots of positive feedback, the Office will consider establishing more smart bus stops, in order to provide better and technology based bus facilities and “smarter” public transportation service.

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