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Bus routes altered as bus stop pavilion construction progressed in the surrounding area of Taipei Railway Station on August 20

According to the Taipei Public Transportation Office (hereafter refers to as the Office), the first stage of “Taipei Railway Station (Zhengzhou)” east bound east bus turnout and “Taipei Railway Station (East Exit) construction will begin on August 20, 2016. This plan was made, in order to give better bus waiting environment and higher quality of public transportation service.
In coordination to the construction, bus routes and stops are altered as follows:
I. Buses, which stop at the “Taipei Railway Station (Zhengzhou)” east bus turnout outside the North 1st Exit of Taipei Railway Station including Buses 2, 14, 39, 274, 299 Zone, 615, 669, shuttle bus to the Zhongxing Branch of Taipei City Hospital, will be stopping at the west bus turnout outside the North 3rd Exit. Bus routes of the aforementioned buses will not be changed.
II. Taipei Railway Station (East Exit):
(1) Executive Yuan Xin Zhuang United Office Building shuttle bus will be stopping at the west bus turnout outside the North 3rd Exit. Its bus route will be the same (See attachment 1).
(2) Buses stopping at the “Taipei Railway Station (East Exit) including Buses 260 Zone and 287 (including 287 Night) will be stopping at the east end waiting area of the “Taipei Railway Station (Zhongxiao) (MRT Taipei Railway Station Exit 5). These buses bound for Taipei Railway Station will go south straight on Zhongshan North Road and turn right to Zhongxiao West Road. A new bus stop, “Executive Yuan”, will be added to south bound buses (See attachment 1).
(3) The bus route of Bus 2 will also be altered. The return round of the Bus 2 will go on Zhongshan North Road, turn right to Beiping East Road, turn left to Tianjin Street, and then turn left to Zhengzhou Road. The new bus stop, “Executive Yuan”, will be added to north bound buses and the “Taipei Railway Station (Zhengzhou)” bus stop will be added to west bound buses (See attachment 2).
(4) Please see attachment 3 for altered bus routes.
The high way coaches destined to the “Taipei Railway Station (East Exit)” will drop off passengers at the Taipei West Station instead, except the“1819 Taipei –Taoyuan Airport” coach. For further information, please refer to attachment 4.
The Office urged the public to keep an eye on its Chinese website ( For any questions about bus transportation, please contact each bus dispatch station or dial the Taipei citizen service hotline 1999 (From outside the Taipei City: 02-27208889).

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