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Intercity Express Bus 956 operated between Banqiao and Neihu Technology Park on November 1, 2016

With the purposes to promote low carbon transportation, and reinforce the bus transportation service connecting New Taipei City and Taipei City, the Department of Transportation of the Taipei City Government, and the corresponding department of the New Taipei City Government had launched 13 intercity bus routes, which attracted much positive public feedback. By now (August 2016), the intercity buses had served about 11,820,000 passengers.
The two cities now introduced the 5th run of intercity express buses. The “Banqiao - MRT Jiannan Station” intercity bus service became available officially on November 1, 2016. On three days before this official date, the intercity bus service was offered for free (November 1-3, 2016).
Departed from Huanziyuan in Banqiao District of New Taipei City, the Intercity Bus 956 goes to Ciaozhong 1st Street in Banqiao District -> Lane 28 of Daguang Road -> Nanxing Bridge -> Guanqian West Road -> Fuzhong Road -> Ximen Street -> Beimen Street -> Section 1 of Wenhua Road -> Fuzhong Road -> Section 1 of Xianmin Avenue -> Minquan Road -> Section 1 of Wenhua Road -> Xinfu Road -> Section 2 of Xianmin Avenue -> Banqiao Bus Stop -> Zhanqian Road -> Xinzhan Road -> Section 2 of Xianmin Avenue -> Xianmin Avenue viaduct -> Huacui Bridge -> Taipei City Mengjia Avenue -> Zhonghua Road -> Tacheng Street -> Zhengzhou Road -> Shimin Avenue viaduct -> Section 1 of Jiuzhong Road -> Xingshan Road -> Lane 56, Section 6 of Minquan East Road -> Ruiguang Road -> Jihu Road -> lequn Road -> Jingye 3rd Road -> MRT Jiannan Road Station. Along the way, this bus goes to the National Taiwan University of Arts, National Overseas Chinese Senior High School, New Taipei City Banqiao Senior High School, New Taipei City Zhongshan Junior High School, Taipei City Dali Senior High School, MRT Fuzhong Station, Banqiao Bus Stop, Wanhua Railway Station, Taipei City Hospital Heping Branch, MRT Ximen Station, MRT Beimen Station, Neihu Technology Park, MRT Jiannan Road Station. Fares are charged with two sections; the two sections are divided at Shuangyuan Street Corner and MRT Beimen Station. The intercity bus is operated eight times a day that one way takes about 80 minutes. It is expected to strengthen the transportation service load between Banqiao District of New Taipei City and the Neihu Technology Park. Contact Taipei Bus Company for detailed information (Service line: 0800-003-307, bus dispatch station telephone: 02-2969-7468, or
The 5th run of intercity express buses also included the “Tamshui – MRT Jiannan Road Station (Zhifu)”, whose planning is still in progress. Operation of the aforementioned intercity bus is expected at the end of this year (2016), offering more options for people traveling between the two cities.

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