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On December 10 and 11,the "Light tour of the worth aging communitines" invited the travel writer Mr. Liu Kexiang, citizen journalists, social enterprises and young students to experience the achievement on service redesign in Taipei - the old community with warmth.

The Department of Social Welfare Taipei City invited the "Shared-design Group" composed of young people to enter four communities, Ming Hing, Jiuru, Andong and Shun Hing, to redesign community service. A group of young designers collaborated with the community predecessors, listened to residents' vision for life, recorded elderly diet memory, deepened the community image, integrated resources to enhance synergies. With many attempts to re-focus on human relationships and needs, and the activity " Light tour of the worth aging communitines" demonstrates the meaning and value of service once again..

Light tour of the worth aging communitines

Vice Mayor Chen Jingjun and travel writer, Mr Liu Kexiang, praised "Ming Hing superb cuisine” with thumbs up! "Ming Hing superb cuisine" uses food as a media to record the story behind the scenes and increase the participation of residents in community affairs. It has also become the material of the dish of sharing meals and the cooking class.

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