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Reciprocal recognition and authorization of driver’s license between Taiwan and Malaysia goes into effect and tests are waived in both countries. Owners of valid Malaysian driver’s license do not have to take a test and can exchange their original driver's license for Taiwan’s general driver’s license. This new service works in accordance with Article 50 of Roadway Traffic Safety Regulations.
The number of small, air-conditioned buses for the physically and mentally handicapped buses (small Rehab Bus) now exceeds 180.
DOT participates in the 2011 Taipei City Government Third Administration Transparency Award and is recognized with Excellence in “Online Inquiry of Traffic Violation Appeals Handling Progress.”
A fleet comprising 24 low-floor buses for No. 285 under Metropolitan Bus is inaugurated.
DOT replaces the illuminated displays of 1,477 signal lights at 161 intersections.
“The 2011 Fifth Taipei Joint Bus System Driver Safety Seminar and Training” is hosted.
The cell phone/PDA version of the ATIS Web is updated.
The parking lot in Lanya Park is open to service.
A warning is promulgated to notify owners that parking - for all the vehicles and motorcycles without the license plates - is prohibited on all the roadways.
The annual new constructions and relocations of the bus waiting booths are conducted.
The Ministry of Transportation and Communications holds the ceremony for the 2010 “Golden Safety Award.” Taipei City Government is awarded the No. 1 place in two individual categories: “Traffic Promotion” and “General Management Test,” and No. 2 place in Team 1 in terms of the group performance. Also, TCG is awarded the No. 2 place in “Gravel Truck Safety Management.”

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