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Community-based parking management is completed in the Jianjun Community (both A and B complexes) in Zhongzheng District, where parking would be managed by the community committee.
The parking lot at Zhishan Park is open to service.
Blue No. 50 bus is now open to service.
The installation of LEDs or inner-illuminated signals in T5 fluorescent tubes and illuminated sign boards are completed at the intersection of Chongqing South Road and Xiangyang Road, Jingfu Gate on Xinyi Road, at the intersection of Keelung Road and Songlong Road, on Chenggong Interchange and at the intersection of Xinyi Road and Keelung Road.
“The 2011 Third Taipei Joint Bus System Driver Safety Seminar and Training” is hosted.
The press conference for corporate acknowledgement of Car-Free Day is held.
Bike lane networks surrounding the Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park, and bicycle guide signs are installed.
EasyCard metered parking facilities along roadside parking lots in Taipei City are demolished following contract expiration. The removal work is completed on the 18th.
Fleets comprising 14 low-floor buses for No. 304 under Chung Shing Bus traveling on Chongqing Road, and 7 low-floor buses for No. 304 under Chung Shing Bus traveling on Chengde Road are inaugurated.
“Car-Free Concert for the Grass-Roots” and “Creative Car-Free Bazaar for the Grass-Roots” as part of the 2011 Taipei International Car-Free Day are launched.
The Traffic Control Center of the Traffic Engineering Office hosts 8 seminars for drivers (over a period of 4 days: 20, 22, 27, and 29). A total of 960 drivers attended the events.
In support of the 2011 Taipei World Design Expo, traffic guide signs are installed around Songshan Cultural Park, the Taipei World Center and Nangang Exhibition Hall. Time phases of traffic signals around the area and other traffic systems are also adjusted accordingly.
The 2011 Golden Wheel Award and Commendation Ceremony is hosted.
Taxicab service providers with excellent performance reviews are awarded the Golden Wheel Award during the 2011 Taipei City Taxicab Service Quality Review – Fleets with Dispatch Services. In total, 8 taxi companies are chosen as award winners, including: Taipei Satellites, Taiwan Taxi, Chihyin Taxi, Volunteer Corp Taxi, Qingxi Taxi, Daai Taxi, the Friendly Fleet, and Women’s Guards Taxi.
DOT sets up an incident dispatch team at the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei to provide support until October 30.
Fleets comprising 17 low-floor buses for Red 2 under Kung Hua Bus, and 10 low-floor buses for No. 203 are inaugurated.
Comprehensive health checks at the Taxi Service Station are installed. Drivers receive blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels inspections, plus cancer screening (including oral cancer and colorectal cancer).
Commissioned reporting of illegally parked cars continues.
The installation of red light countdown timers is completed at 97 intersections.
The construction of bicycle guide signs and markings is completed in areas surrounding the Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park.
Traffic signs reduction is completed on the stretch between Chengde Road Section 4 and Section 7. There are originally 405 signs and 41 rods. 87 signs and 30 rods were removed and integrated, registering a 22% reduction in the number of signs and 73% reduction in the number of rods.
Users can now visit convenience stores to inquire about - and print out – makeup roadside parking fee tickets. The service is implemented to create more channels for citizens to pay their fees.

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