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Community-based parking management is completed in the Jingmei Greenland Community in Wenshan District, where parking would be managed by the community committee.
Those vehicles with disabled license plates or those with registered disabled card placed on the windscreen are eligible for discounted parking fare. Disabled persons' vehicles are eligible for 4-hour-long free parking as long as they are parked in public parking lot or roadside parking. They will be charged full-fare starting the 5th hour. Disable car users can also enjoy a 50% discount while parking on those parking spaces charged by frequency. Additionally, for drivers with mid-level or severe physical handicap, they are eligible for 8 hours of parking if they park their vehicles within 500 meters of their workplaces.
To support the inauguration of the Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park, the construction of bike lanes along Gongguan Waterfront spaces (the side of Tingzhou Road, Section 3, Lane 104), bicycle guide signs and markings are completed.
“Test run of legal consultation services at Taxi Service Stations” is implemented.
Fleets comprising 11 low-floor buses for No. 671 under Shin Shin Bus, and 20 low-floor buses for No. 630, 4 low-floor buses for No. 12, and 15 low-floor buses for No. 285 under Metropolitan Bus are inaugurated.
The iPhone edition of “iTaipeiParking QR” is launched.
DOT participates in the 2011 National Road Traffic Safety Seminar, and is awarded No. 1 place in Traffic Law Enforcement category under innovative road safety contribution.
Vehicle inspection notices sent through text messaging services are expanded to include personal vehicles (including small passenger vehicles, small passenger buses and trucks, small trucks and heavy-duty motorcycles). User can fill out an online application for text messaging services, and download the application form for text messaging services. These innovative systems ensure more service convenience for citizens.
An awareness conference for “Traffic Safety Advocacy Team for Senior Citizens” and “the Demonstrative Traveling Area for Senior Citizens” is held.
Left turns on Zhongshan North Road from eastbound Minzu West Road during off-peak-hours are now permitted.
The parking lot along the Yingfeng Stretch (1) in the Keelung Riverside Park is open to service.
The Android edition of “iTaipeiParking QR” is launched.
The 2011 Maokong Gondola Disaster Prevention (and Rescue) Drills are held.
The kick-off press conference for the 2011 Taipei International Car-Free Day is held.
The 2010 Taipei Traffic Signal Time Phase Reconstruction is completed.
The iPhone and Android 2.0 editions of” Fun Travel in Taipei” are launched.
The marking of speed limit of 30 KPH in “the Demonstrative Traveling Area for Senior Citizens” around the Youth Park is installed.
The parking lot(phase 2) at Taipei Municipal Penglai Elementary School is inaugurated, offering 142 parking spaces.
Press conference on the Green Transport Seminar for the 2011 Taipei International Car-Free Day is hosted.

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