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With the conclusion of the Flora Expo, DOT begins a series of restoration work on traffic controls. Designated lanes for large passenger buses on Minzu East Road (the stretch between Zhongshan North Road and Songjiang Road) will be decommissioned after May 1. All the bus stops, platforms, traffic signals, signs and marked lanes have also been restored to their original status on May 3.
For the license plate applications to operate powered machines, DOT completes pre-inauguration principles for The Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications out of concerns for the promulgation of the regulations and the actual implementation. These are the inauguration principles: “Highway Motor Vehicles Office should first assign registered license plate number. Applicants shall use the registered number to apply for a temporary pass. They can install the license plates on their cars after picking up the finished plates.”
Rent discounts are implemented for YouBikes to celebrate the system’s two-year anniversary.
DOT hosts “Boat rides for citizens to experience the achievements of the revitalized Tamsui River.”
The parking lot by the Taipei Children’s Recreation Center is open to the public.
No. 1 Flora Expo Bus is re-inaugurated as Red 50 Bus, and open to regular fare service officially.
Parking lot by Xinsheng Park is open to service.
DOT assists in the planning of the annual disaster prevention and relief drills.
“The 2011 First Taipei Joint Bus System Travel Safety Inspection” is conducted.
The Traffic Adjudication Office completes the installation of the “Management System for Large Refunds.”
Starting 7:00am, eastward traffic on Minzu East Road from the 7:00 to 9:00am rush hour would be adjusted: originally extending from Linsen North Road to the intersection of Zhonghsan North Road Section 3 and Yumen Street, traffic would now travel southward in a single direction.
Starting at midnight, the ramp by Binjiang Street entrance off southbound Xinsheng Overpass is open to traffic.
The Traffic Adjudication Office sets up a designated counter to process related payments in installments.
The 2011 annual periodic operation maintenance and safety inspection for Maokong Gondola are conducted.
The Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications visits the Motor Vehicles Office to conduct interchange activities on vehicle inspection and supervision.
Starting at midnight, Binjiang Street (the stretch between Xinsheng North Road and Songjiang Road) is open to traffic.
20,000 copies of the 19th edition of the “Convenience and Service for All People” pamphlets are printed and distributed to help citizens better understand adjudication services and information on paying traffic violation fines, so as to strengthen law abidance among citizens.
“Traffic Safety Slogans for Senior Citizens Competition” is hosted. The event ends on August 10.
The one-year anniversary of the YouBike rental system. A total of 252,528 bikes have been loaned to cyclists, and 34,729 people have registered for membership.
Promotional flyers of “Kind Reminders about Recycling Discard Vehicles and Motorcycles” are approved and printed, offering information on recycling to owners who file a declaration that their cars or motorcycles are no longer serviceable, or for those who file a notice that there is a change in their vehicle ownership.
The Android edition of “iTaipeiParking” is launched.
Traffic signs reduction is completed on the stretch between Zhongxiao East Road Section 4 and 7. There are originally 326 signs and 120 rods. 126 signs and 99 rods are removed and integrated, registering a 45% reduction in the number of signs and 83% reduction in the number of rods.
"'The Little Green Figure and Give Pedestrians Right-of-Way’ Short Film Contest” takes place. The event ends on October 18.

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