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Information verification and test runs on the sequence of the 100 Republic Year are resolved and completed on the Electronic Motor Vehicle & Driver Information System.
Community-based parking management is completed in the Taipei Tangzhuang Mansion in Wenshan District, where parking would be managed by the community committee.
Eight locations for paying roadside parking fee payments are added. The total number of these facilities is currently 3,580, offering users a more convenient parking channel.
The 2011 SOP Key Points for the Emergency Operations Center of various levels are revised. Reminders for the Center’s key projects and features organization regulations have also been modified accordingly.
Traffic controls are in place at the lunar New Year shopping district from January 15 to February 1.
Two large LED location direction signal displays are installed next to the Wenshan Tunnel on Xinyi Expressway.
Traffic flow supervision is in place at the “Love in Flora Expo and the Charity Carnival” in Dajia Park.
To direct traffic flows due to the dismantling of Dongxin Bridge, an opening is set up at the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road Section 6 and Yucheng Street.

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