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River Cruise

About The River Cruise

In 2013, there are seven river cruises, including Tamsui River (

Dadaocheng Wharf – Guandu WharfDadaocheng Wharf– Zhongxiao Wharf(Sanchong district)–Dadaocheng Wharf; Guandu Wharf – Fisherman's Wharf; Guandu Wharf– Tamsui Wharf; Dadaocheng Wharf –Tamsui Wharf; Guandu Wharf– Bali Dragon Wharf) and Keelung River(Dajia Wharf round trip).

Taipei City Government is committed to improving environmental quality. Most of operators have introduced new tour packages. The River Cruise accumulated rider-ship reached 800,000 passengers till 2012. The market is still growing.

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