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Taxi Dispatch Service Hotline

0800 Toll-free Taxi Dispatch System
Objective Protect the safety of taxi riders by offering them safe and convenient cab services.
Toll-free Taxi Dispatch Service Hotline 0800-055850 (the number rhimes with the Chinese slogan: we protect you)
Dial number from cell phones 55850 (call charges apply)
Service launched date May 14, 1999
Toll-free telephone service coverage Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung City

  1. From local land line, please dial: 0800-055850 (toll-free)
    From cell phone, please dial: 55850 (call charges apply).

  2. After your call is connected, you will hear the following recorded message “Welcome to the 0800 Smart Taxi Dispatch System. This service hotline is toll free if you are calling from a local land line. For taxi services for senior citizens and the physically challenged, please press 0. For Mandarin service, please press 1. For English service, please press 2.”
  3. If you press 0, the computer system will redirect you to the Senior Citizen and Handicapped Taxi Service Center. Please explain to the operator that you’d like to request designated taxi services for senior citizen and the physically challenged.
  4. If you press 1, you will hear the following recorded message, “Please press 1 to listen to the list of taxi operator codes; press 2 for automatic transfer to any taxi fleet operator; press 3 to check the fare rates; or press “*” to return to the main menu. You shall call this hotline only for automated call redirection service. Any taxi dispatch service problem shall be directed to individual taxi fleet operators. If you’d like to file a complaint about taxi services, please call the Taipei City Public Transportation Office’s complaint hotline at 02-27592677.
    (1) Press 1 to hear the list of taxi fleet operator codes. You may enter the code for the taxi fleet operator of your choice without waiting to hear the code or press the code after you hear it.
    (2) Press 2 for your call to be redirected to the taxi fleet operator.
  5. After your call is redirected to the taxi fleet operator, please arrange your taxi dispatch service with the operator.
  6. The system is powered with a 24-hour recording facility. All taxi dispatch service calls are monitored and recorded and kept in the archive for one month. All participating drivers have been subjected to police check to ensure passenger safety prior to enrollment.
Please note: In the event where all taxis are unavailable, please ask the operator to press “*” to return to the main menu or alternatively, the caller may press “*” to return to the main menu.

Radio and Satellite Taxi Operator Code
CodeName Code Name
01 Fu An 13 Bin Le
02 Crown Taxi 15 Guo Hua
04 Zhang Sheng 16 You Liang
05 Da Ai 18 Taiwan Taxi
06 Bei Song 19 Sheng Hui
07 Taipei Star 20 Sheng Qin
08 Fu Xie 21 Sheng Xiong
09 Yun Jiang 22 Metro Taxi

Operational Procedures of the 0800 Smart Taxi Dispatch Service System for Women

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