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Community-based parking management was completed in Xinyi District’s Xinbao Xinyi Mansion, and Wenshan District’s Renpu Heritage Apartment Complex. Parking would be managed by the community committee.
Fuyuan Parking Service was inaugurated in Taipei City.
13 low-floor buses designated under Xinxin Bus No. 278 began service.
20 low-floor buses designated under Zhinan Bus No. 202 began service.
DOT hosted “the Search for an Act of Kindness in Taipei: Friendly Driving and Outreach to Others” news conference.
Eastward transport connection project and other relevant traffic facilities on the stretch between Civic Boulevard Section 5 and Section 6 were completed and installed.
Taipei City Bus Brown 21 for MRT shuttling was put on a trial run for 3 months.
A convention on Taipei City Bus System’s multi-pass ticket system was held.
The 2012 Traffic Control Review during Tomb-Sweeping Festival was hosted.
“Second Convention on Illegal Parking Hotspots” was hosted.
Lectures and trainings for operators to be stationed at EOC in Taipei City were organized.
“A Seminar on Low-Carbon Bus” was hosted.
A barrier-free transport service was inaugurated to accommodate Bus No. 260 - a designated Flower Clock Route journey. Large-size rehab bus service was added to the route, serving sightseers in wheelchair by facilitating their travel to Yangmingshan.
Traffic sign consolidations for the stretch between Chongqing North Road Section 1 to 3 were completed; bike signs were installed accordingly in Nanggang business area.
"2012 Taipei City Bus Driving Safety Seminar Session 1" was held.

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