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Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government (DOT) was established on March 1, 1988, as the planner and overseer of transportation planning, road traffic management, tourism and travel. It aims to provide city-wide transportation services that are safe, reliable, outstanding and highly efficient.

To enhance the functioning of transportation planning, the 1st Division of DOT was renamed the Transportation Planning Office on September 1, 1998. A Traffic Adjudication Office was established on July 16th in the same year according to the provisions in the Act Governing the Punishment of Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act. Under a privatization policy, the city’s Bus System Management Office was reorganized on January 1, 2004, into the Metropolitan Transport Corporation. The 4th Division of DOT became a part of the city’s Department of Information and Tourism starting from September 11, 2007. In a restructuring effort initiated on July 1, 2008, the five DOT divisions, including the 5th Division that doubled as the Transportation Planning Office, were re-grouped into a Planning and Development Division, a Traffic Regulation Division, a Transportation Management Division, a Transportation Safety Division and an Information and Technology Division. Such a downsizing process resulted in the establishment of a Public Transportation Office and the removal of two units, the Driver Training Center and Traffic Accident Investigation Committee, besides the layoff of 49 full-time and 33 part-time DOT workers. As it had been decided that highway monitoring in Taipei City and Kaohsiung City was to be undertaken at the central-government level by the Directorate General of Highways (DGH), on January 1, 2012, the Taipei Motor Vehicle Office of DGH took over from DOT’s Motor Vehicles Office as the overseer of highways city-wide.

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