Taipei City Department of Transportation

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  1. Planning and Development
    Makes transportation policies; makes comprehensive planning of transit systems; assesses and monitors traffic-related administrative plans; compiles and analyzes transportation statistics.
  2. Traffic Regulation
    Reviews and oversees traffic maintenance plans during major construction projects ; implements road safety programs; conducts traffic control engineering; supervises the layout/design/construction/operation of parking facilities; handles traffic enforcement and other related tasks.
  3. Transportation Management
    Oversees public transit issues and road conditions; is responsible for vehicle mobilization and inspection; offers drivers training programs; investigates car accidents and determines faults accordingly; monitors automobile-based transportation service providers as well as the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system; supervises the operation of Blue Highways; and properties of MRT.
  4. Transportation Safety
    Offers road safety campaigns; devises accident prevention strategies for automobiles; evaluates improvements in road traffic safety; supervises automobile accident investigations and handles appeals against relevant court rulings.
  5. Information and Technology
    Compiles and analyzes statistics regarding the intelligent transit system as well as transportation services; develops relevant information technologies.
  6. Administrative Services
  7. Accounting
  8. Statistics
  9. Personnel
  10. Government Ethics

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Total list: 4 items