Taipei City Department of Transportation

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Organizational Chart


  1. Planning and Development
    The division is in charge of the study and evaluation of transportation policies; general planning of the transportation system; the auditing, management and assessment of administrative projects; and the collecting and analysis of transportation data.
  2. Traffic Regulation
    Traffic Regulation is responsible for the deliberation and supervision of traffic service maintenance, traffic safety and execution during the construction of major engineering projects, plus the planning, design, construction and operation of traffic control engineering and parking facilities, including task supervision and traffic regulation administration.
  3. Transportation Management
    This division is responsible for public transportation supervision and management, traffic administration, fleet mobilization, vehicle inspections, driver trainings, traffic accident arbitration, adjudication, the transportation infrastructure services, MRT supervision and operation, MRT asset supervision and management.
  4. Transportation Safety
    Transportation Safety involves the arrangement and execution of traffic safety education and policy campaigns, accident prevention policymaking, and traffic safety improvement evaluation.
  5. Information and Technology
    This division provides intelligent transportation system data integration and analysis, transportation information analysis and information operation development.
  6. Administrative Services
  7. Accounting
  8. Statistics
  9. Personnel
  10. Government Ethics

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Total list: 4 items