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The first Taipei Joint Bus System Driving Safety Seminar of 2013 was held.
Taipei City Traffic Adjudication Office won the 5th place in the 2012 Sheltered Workshop Products Purchase Competition for Secondary Authorities (including schools).

A public bike station was set up at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology to provide rental services.

Taipei City jointly-operated bus route maps and the MRT Jiannan Road Station bus stop &route map were released.
Pedestrian scrambles were implemented the intersection of Lanes 332 and 333 of Dexing E. Road and the intersection of Section 6 of Zhongxiao E. Road and Kunyang Street.

The first Taipei Joint Bus System Drivers’ Service Quality Improvement Seminar of 2013 was held. 

Installation of signs for the Muzha Living Perimeter was completed.