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 (1) Enhanced Traffic Monitoring

    25 new CCTV cameras and 8 changeable message signs were added on main roads, motorvehicle bridges and expressways in 2022. The software and hardware of the central control system was upgraded for enhanced traffic monitoring and timely response.

    In addition, AI image recognition technology was introduced, with 10 sets of AI incident detectors added to the elevated sections of Jianguo Road to automatically detect traffic incidents such as accidents, construction and congestion.


(2) Emergency Vehicle Priority Signals

    In 2022, emergency vehicle priority signals were piloted at 22 intersections on Dadu Road, Chengde Road and Shipai Road in Betou District, as well as Yanjiuyuan Road in Nangang District. When the GPS signal of the emergency vehicle is detected in the preceding stretch of road, the timing of the red and green lights are adjusted in advance, allowing emergency vehicles to pass through with priority.