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Department of Transportation


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Starting April 29, 2019 (Monday), Lane 196 of Section 2 of Xiyuan Road will be adjusted to be east-to-west one-way for cars and two-ways for motorbikes.2019-07-19
2Starting April 29, 2019 (Monday), Lane 40 of Ningbo West Street will be adjusted to be a one-way street from south to north.2019-06-20
3The Exclusive Pedestrian Phase at the Intersection of Section 4, Bade Road and Zhongpo North Road Shall Be Revoked Starting January 28, 20192019-05-17
4Traffic Lights at the Intersection of the Section 3, Kangning Road and Wufen Street in Neihu District Shall Have an Exclusive Pedestrian Phase During School Hours from December 24, 20182019-04-22
5Vehicles failing to carry out vehicle inspection within the deadline will be fined; inspection overdue for 6 months or more will result in cancellation of the vehicle license2019-04-03
6Neihu Traffic Bottleneck is Improving Every Day2019-03-18
7Can I use mobile payment to pay the traffic ticket over the counter?2019-03-08
8Alley 17, Lane 250, Seciton 2, Huanhe South Road Open to Two-way Traffic for Scooters from November 28, 2018 (Wed.)2019-02-21
9New Regulations on Traffic Violations2019-02-14
10The pedestrian scramble signal at Songshan District’s Sec. 4, Bade Rd./Songshan Rd. (Songshan Station) intersection and Sec. 4, Bade Rd./Raohe St. (Ciyou Temple) intersection will be implemented from 7:00 to 1:00 of the next day 2019-01-26
11Kunming St. (Zhongxiao W. Rd. to Luoyang St.) was changed to a two-way street on October 5, 2018 (implementation subject to rain conditions)2018-12-18
12Starting on September 19, 2018, U-turns will be prohibited under the Minquan Bridge for north-bound traffic at the intersection of Sec. 1, Jiuzong Rd. and Sec. 6, Minquan E. Rd.2018-11-26
13Traffic fines that have not been paid after the due date would be referred to the Administrative Enforcement Agency for enforcement2018-11-02
14The time-specific pedestrian scramble for Xinyi District’s Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd. and Songshan Rd. intersection signal will be canceled starting on September 18, 20182018-10-23
15Documents that shall be presented for the statement (appeal) of traffic violation cases are as follows:2018-10-04
16Lane 21, Section 3, Xinhai Road will be changed to a one-way street from May 29, 2018 (Tuesday) (will be delayed when it rains)2018-09-20
17How do I change the mailing address for a traffic ticket?2018-09-10
18Pedestrian phase will be used on a trial basis at the junction of “Beian Road and Jingye 3rd Road”, Zhongshan District, Taipei City from May 24, 20182018-08-17
19New Traffic Violation Penalty Rules2018-08-08
20Notes on applying for dashcam footage rewards2018-07-18