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Department of Transportation


NO.TitlePublish Date
1A Trial for “Bicycles Sharing Pedestrian Traffic Signals with Pedestrians” will Start From January 102018-04-18
2How do I calculate the license suspension starting and ending time?2018-04-16
3An Explanation of the Lane Reduction Trial at Yangde Boulevard2018-03-22
4Fine for drug-impaired driving increases to NTD 90,0002018-03-07
5Explanation on Reviewing Motorcycle Hook-turn2018-02-21
6Under what circumstances can traffic violation cases be stated (appealed)2018-01-22
7Explanation of the Installation of Traffic Signs on Yangmingshan2018-01-19
8Taipei Implements Trial Traffic Redirection Indicator Marking Project2017-12-20
9Can I pay traffic fines at a counter by credit card?2017-12-19
10Section 2, Linong Street (from Lane 99, Section 2, Shipai Road to Section 2, Shipai Road) Changes to Two-Way Traffic as of August 1, 2017 after Adjustment of Traffic Control Devices 2017-11-29
11New Fines for Traffic Violations2017-11-09
12What to do when the other party delays in settling a road traffic accident claim2017-10-31
13"Lane 28, Hougang Street, Shilin District" Changes to One-Way Traffic as of July 14, 2017 after Adjustment of Traffic Control Devices2017-10-01
14What information should be submitted when filing an administrative litigation to the court?2017-09-25
15Traffic fines that have not been paid after the due date would be referred to the Administrative Enforcement Agency for enforcement2017-08-31
16Alley 401, Lane 150, Section 5 of Xinyi Road to be changed to southbound one-way road on November10, 2016 (Thursday)2017-08-10
17In reply to the Statement (Appeal), if a payment is still required to close the case, how should I make the payment?2017-07-14
18What are the opening hours and lunchtime break of the Adjudication Office?2017-06-13
19Taipei City open to public for participating in the bus shelter art2017-05-24
20New Transit terminal in NanKang West Transit Station Open2017-05-24