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Department of Transportation


NO.TitlePublish Date
61How should a violator seek relieve if he/she objects to traffic violation rulings?2016-05-25
62Lane 308 in Zhangtai St. will change to a two-way street starting from May 30th 2016(car vehicle’s access from north to south is prohibited)2016-05-24
63Scooter parking spaces expansion after shortening 5 meter of prohibited parking at road intersections2016-05-11
64Lane 140, Baoxing Street, Wanhua District (Baoxing Street to Dechang Street)” converted to two-way lane for motorcycles and one-way lane for cars (westbound) on November 2, 2015 (Monday)2016-05-02
65Taipei City’s Public Parking lots charging will remain on the Labor Day observed, May 2nd 20162016-04-27
66An appeal to public opinion about bus fare charged according to the meter2016-04-26
67Agreement made not to increase bus fare at the Taipei City and New Taipei City bus fare negotiation committee meeting2016-04-25
68How can I change my mailing address for traffic tickets?2016-04-20
69Raohe Street Night Market YouBike Station will be relocated to the west side of the intersection of Songxin Road and Civic Blvd on April 12th. Citizens are all welcome to make good use of it.2016-04-13
70Taipei City and New Taipei City bus fare negotiation committee had an agreement on bus transportation price2016-04-08
71The information of victims of the 206 Tainan Earthquake with regard to motor vehicle-related affairs2016-03-21
72Free bus service for Tomb-Sweeping Day offered after March 19, 20162016-03-17
73Lane 83, Section 1, Roosevelt Road, Zhongzheng District converted to southbound one-way road on November 23, 2015 (Monday)2016-03-11
74Joining Velo-city Global 2016 for Knowing the Latest and Future Bike Industries2016-02-26
75Enjoying 5% off by Third Party Payment to Pay Taipei City’s Parking and Cash Rewards by Credit Card2016-02-26
76Smart transportation – 4G smart buses launched2016-02-25
772016 Public transportation service during Yangmingshan blossom season and Calla lily season2016-02-11
78Vehicles failing to carry out vehicle inspection within the deadline will be fined; inspection overdue for 6 months or more will result in cancellation of the vehicle license2016-02-03
79Aboriginal culture images displayed on Taipei city bus waiting pavilions2016-01-30
80Lane 30, Tongan Street converted to westbound one-way as of July 20, 2015 (Monday)2016-01-28