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Neihu Traffic Bottleneck is Improving Every Day

In order to improve Gangqian Road's peak hour traffic congestion in the afternoon, the TEO designed the west lanes' expansion pattern of the Gangqian Road (from Ruiguang Road to Tiding Boulevard) based on proposals made by local village offices. The work was awarded to the Public Works Department (PWD), Taipei City Government (TCG) and completed successfully on September 15, 2018. The stretch of Gangqian Road close to the Tiding Avenue now has four lanes on its west side and two on the east. Review by TEO personnel found that the traffic volume per hour soared to 1810 vehicles after the expansion from 1550 prior. Most cars wait for 2 red lights before passing through the stretch without the expansion while one green light is enough for most cars to pass by now. That is, the expansion does work.
The Ruihu Street is a key access road to the Neihu Science Park. Its north-to-south one-way traffic control measures in weekday's peak hours (from 17:00 to 19:00) by the TEO since 2016 has shown good effects. After that, the TEO found the intersection of Yangguang Street and Ruihu Street still suffered traffic congestion after long-term traffic flow balancing and traffic flow observation. As south-to-north traffic volume in the stretch of Ruihu Street between Yangguang Street and Lane 171, Section 2, Jiuzong Road has been greatly reduced, the TEO is extending the one-way control stretch of Ruihu Street to the intersection of Ruihu Street and Yangguang Street in the afternoon peak hours (from 17:00 to 19:30) starting October 4, 2018. Actual traffic time after the measures' implementation afterwards is 3 minutes shorter compared with the time required since 2016 in afternoon peak hours. The effects are great.

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