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New Traffic Violation Penalty Rules

The list of Uniform Punishment Standards for Handling the Matters of Violating Road Traffic Regulations has been amended and enforced as of July 1, 2018, in which the amended items are as follows:
1. To secure the safety of vehicles docked on the shoulders of freeways and expressways and the lives as well as property of the involved personnel, reduce the accident occurrence rate and be in conjunction with the amendment to Subparagraph 1 of Paragraph 1 of Article 25 of the Freeway and Expressway Traffic Control Rules to shorten the parking time of the broken down vehicles parked on the shoulders of open traffic lanes from two hours to one hour, it is added to the rules that those who park “their broken down vehicles on the shoulders of traffic lanes on freeways and expressways for over one hour” shall be subject to a penalty from NT$600 to NT$1,200.
2.  Given that parking cars and motorcycles within 10 meters of public bus stops can severely affect buses in pulling off and stopping, as well as passengers’ safety when getting on and off buses, and endanger the lives of other road users who try to evade the parked vehicles, the amounts of the penalty are therefore increased, in which the motorcycle violation fine is increased to NT$900 - NT$1,200 from NT$600 - NT$900 and the car violation fine is increased to NT$1,200 regardless of the car size.
Again, Taipei City Traffic Adjudication Office urges drivers to honestly abide by the relevant regulations governing road traffic safety, so as to ensure the safety of traffic and road users and maintain the traffic order. 

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