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NO.TitlePublish Date
81New Transit terminal in NanKang West Transit Station Open2017-05-24
82New Regulations Governing Traffic Safety2017-05-24
83Minsheng West Road in Datong District, Taipei City (from Dihua Street to Huanhe North Road) to Implement A Pilot Reversible Lane from 3pm to 7pm during Weekdays Beginning March 21st, 20172017-05-11
84Description of Bikeway Types in Taipei City2017-05-11
85How to clarify responsibilities for the parties involved in an auto accident2017-04-25
86Traffic fines that have not been paid after the due date would be referred to the Administrative Enforcement Agency for enforcement2017-03-15
87Does filing an appeal to the administrative litigation court of the district court requires a court fee?2017-02-08
88Zhongshan North Road between No.802 of Section 5 and No.20 of Section 6 becomes southbound one-way road starting September 5, 20162017-02-05
89Exclusive Pedestrian Phase for the traffic sign at the Intersection of Wanhe Street and Lane 16 of Wan’an Street in Wenshan District begins on September 19, 20162017-02-05
90Can I settle the traffic violation fine by credit card over the counter?2017-01-12
91Left-turn to Tonghe Street from Section 4 of Zhongshan North Road open to motorcycles and bicycles since August 30, 20162016-12-29
92New rules regarding traffic violations2016-12-15
93Ln. 127, Zhao’an St. (Zhao’an St. to Ln. 181, Ningbo W. St.) Changed into One-Way Traffic (Southbound) as of March 23, 20162016-11-30
9412 low-floor buses operated under Bus 642 on September 7, 20162016-11-16
954 new services available at Taipei Taxicab stand2016-11-16
96Six Taipei City taxi companies rated excellent in 20162016-11-16
97Intercity Express Bus 956 operated between Banqiao and Neihu Technology Park on November 1, 20162016-11-16
98Vehicles failing to carry out vehicle inspection within the deadline will be fined; inspection overdue for 6 months or more will result in cancellation of the vehicle license.2016-11-01
99What is the time limit for filing an appeal?2016-10-20
100Northbound One-Way Street Control Implemented at Ruihu Street, Neihu District (Between Ln. 171, Sec. 2, Jiuzong Rd. and Ln. 11, Sec. 6, Minquan E. Rd.) Since March 23, 20162016-10-17