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An Explanation of the Lane Reduction Trial at Yangde Boulevard

To enhance traffic safety and reduce traffic speed at Yangde Boulevard, the Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (henceforth referred to as TEO) discovered after inspection that traffic accidents occur easily along parts of Yangde Boulevard due to wider lanes and the propensity of drivers to overtake other cars on the road. Therefore, TEO selected the section around No. 25, Sec. 3, Yangde Boulevard (going downhill) (around 100 meters) to carry out a lane reduction trial. The original 6 to 10-meter width will be reduced to 5 meters wide. CCTV will be installed along the road edge. Other warning equipment such as traffic beams and solar energy danger signs will also be installed to remind drivers to reduce their speed and be aware of the lane reduction.
The trial of the aforementioned lane reduction will be carried out for 6 months from Dec. 28, 2017 (Thurs.) to Jun. 28, 2018. Traffic accidents and other related traffic data will still be collected during the trial period as reference for future improvements. The installation of related announcement and informational signage was completed on Dec. 15, 2017. TEO reminds users to stay alert and reduce their speed to ensure traffic safety.

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