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Explanation of the Installation of Traffic Signs on Yangmingshan

The Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TEO) refuted a news report on July 19th regarding the installation of traffic signs on Yangmingshan for the benefit of certain special privileged persons, stating that all traffic signs in the City are installed after evaluation in accordance with the "Regulations on the Installation of Traffic Signs, Markings and Signals", and that the signs installed reduce traffic speed and improve traffic safety.
The "Regulations on the Installation of Traffic Signs, Markings and Signals" states that control signs may be installed to improve traffic order and safety if the traffic flow and number of accidents have reached certain amounts. After a review of the signs installed at the intersection in question on Yangmingshan, the results show compliance with the aforementioned Regulations. Therefore, the news article is false which reported that the installations are for certain privileged persons.
Furthermore, the news article was wrong in its mention of an overturned motorcycle due to an abrupt braking at a red light on Yangmingshan. According to related research, the sign will effectively reduce vehicle speeds, and improve travel safety. TEO would like to remind the public that the speed limit on Yangmingshan Yangde Boulevard is 40 km/hr. Drivers should adhere to the speed limit and the traffic signs to ensure traffic safety.

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