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Taipei Implements Trial Traffic Redirection Indicator Marking Project

The Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TEO) has placed trial traffic redirection indicator markings at the intersections of Zhongxiao East Road and Guangfu South Road (west-east direction), and Chengde Road and Jiantan Road (south-north direction). The road markings serve to remind road users to follow the redirection indications when driving, or wait at the designated locations, in order to prevent crossings or collisions due to vehicles switching lanes near the intersections.
"Trial traffic redirection indicator markings" refer to an improvement of current right-turn road markings, where straight and right-turn arrows are separated, which clearly indicate that right-turn vehicles should move to the right, and forward- traveling vehicles should keep to the left. The Institute of Transportation MOTC began the project trials of traffic redirection indicator markings in Taichung and Kaohsiung in September 2015. The results show a reduction in traffic incidents, such as: total number of accidents, right-turn side collisions, same direction side collisions, etc.
TEO referenced the method of the two cities and placed "traffic redirection indicator markings" at several intersections to reduce the conflict between forward traveling and right-turn vehicles. The markings instruct road users to follow the redirections in advance and effectively reduce crossings near the intersections. It helps to redirect traffic near the intersections and improve traffic flow and safety.

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