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Explanation on Reviewing Motorcycle Hook-turn

Rules regarding motorcycle hook-turns in Taipei City are stated in article 99 of “Traffic Regulation.” It states that when there are no motorcycle signs or markings on the inner lane, motorcycles should turn left using a hook-turn; also, at one-way roads with more than 3 fast lanes, motorcycles riding on the right lane or in slow lanes should turn left using a hook-turn. However, due to the geometric design of the roads, signal phase configuration, motorcycle flow and other traffic situations, motorcycles can in principle turn left directly at two-lane roads. If after evaluation it is decided that traffic safety would not be affected, motorcycles on roads with more than 3 lanes can be exempted from turning left using a hook-turn, or motorcycle left-turning lanes can be installed.
The Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office stated that now motorcycles can turn left directly at the Xinyi Road/Keelung Road intersection, Beian Road/Dazhi Bridge intersection, Songde Road/Songshan Road intersection and other places while motorcycle left-turning are installed, such as at the Zhongshan North Road/Tonghe Street intersection, Zhongxiao West Road/Xining North Road intersection, Zhongxiao East Road/Bade Road intersection, Jiuzong Road/Gangqian Road intersection, and Huanhe North Road/Yanping North Road intersection (Shezhong Street block). In the future, motorcycle right-of-way will be prudently assessed with an eye to the local situation, and the size of hook-turn waiting zones will be adjusted accordingly. We expect to provide motorcyclists with reasonable and safe riding spaces. The Traffic Engineering Office also calls on users to follow signals, signs and markings to maintain traffic safety.

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