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A marked sidewalk network in preliminary stage was completed for the Minzhao Neighborhood as a woonerf demonstrative zone.
Bus route maps for the MRT Jiantan Station and MRT Gongguan Station were released.
Final inspections of the MRT Xinyi Line (from the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station to Xiangshan Station) were performed.
Number of people renting public bikes reached 10 million.
“Uploading YouBike Photos for iPad Mini and Gift Certificate Drawing” was organized to encourage favorable cycling etiquette.
10,000 promotional magnetic calendars about multiple fine payment channels were printed and distributed.
Drivers took oath in “Friendly Driving for Pedestrians’ Right of Way”.
MRT Xinyi Line became operative and new bus routes (e.g. Route Red 56 and Route Red 57) were added. Traffic flows for Route 38, Route 28 and Route 281were adjusted.
Seven buses for Route 203 and four for Route 224 were available, all low-floor buses. The buses were operative under the Taipei Joint Bus System.
Taipei Metropolitan Intra-city and Highway Bus Route Review Committee convened the 82nd group meeting.
Motorcycles and scooters were allowed to turn left onto Linsen N. Road, Fuxing S. Road and Dunhua S. Road from Civic Boulevard.
Signs indicating a nearby YouBike rental station were completed throughout the city.