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Opening ceremony for the first “Training for Large Bus Drivers” of 2013 was held jointly with the Taipei City Vocational Development Institute.
The 2013 free occupational hazard health examination for taxi drivers began.
Acceptance of applications for investigating accidents between slow vehicles and those between slow vehicles and pedestrians began in response to the amendment to the Motor Vehicle Accidents Investigation and Reconsideration Operating Guidelines.

A public bike rental station was set up at the Zhongshan District Administration Center to provide rental services.

Three additional public bike rental stations were set up at Linsen Park to provide rental services.

One bus was available to go along the Chongqing Main Line, six were available for Route Red 15, five for Route 711, one for Route 308, one for Route 676 and eight for Route 223, all low-floor buses. The buses were operative under the Taipei Joint Bus System. 

YouBike took part in the 2013 Taipei International Cycle Show. 

Trials with internally-lit signs began on Zhongxiao E. Road, the section between Jianguo S. Road and Linsen S. Road.
Yangming Mountain’s calla lily season traffic control and improvement began from this date until March 10.

For the coming of Tomb Sweeping Day, five holiday bus routes were available to provide people with free shuttle services on March 23 , March 24, March 30, March 31, and April 4 ~ April 7. Also, free shuttle service traveling between Fede Memorial Tower and the MRT Taipei Zoo Station was available from April 1 to April 3 (weekdays).

Taipei Metropolitan Intra-city and Highway Bus Route Review Committee convened the 55th committee meeting. New Taipei City Government Intra-city Bus Operation Review Committee convened the 16th committee meeting. 

Three buses for Route 660 were available, 17 for Route 616, and two for Route 612, all low-floor buses. The buses were operative under the Taipei Joint Bus System.  
Posters promoting multiple payment channels for people to pay fees for traffic violations were printed and delivered to individual authorities throughout the city.