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Taipei City bus fares based on sections

1. Taipei Joint Bus System charges bus riders based on sections in accordance with provisions in Article 11 of the Autonomous Statutes for Taipei City Bus Operation Management . Sections are roughly determined based on the middle section of the bus route. An average operating mileage of about 8.5km is taken as a route section. In addition, natural boundaries, such as bridges and rivers, and major transfer points (such as Taipei Main Station, Zhongxing Bridge, Ziqiang Tunnel and MRT Gongguan Station) also are taken into account when determining the sectional dividing points for bus routes. Crossing the dividing point is subject to additional fare for another route section.
2. Currently, 1-section fare, 2-section fare and 3-section fare are charged for Taipei Joint Bus. Information on bus route sections can be found by visiting the Taipei Bus Information and Transit System website at http://5284.taipei.gov.tw/ and selecting the bus route of your choice, or you may check the route map at bus stops.
3. Fare for 1-section bus routes may be collected upon boarding or alighting depending on each route. For 2-section bus routes, passengers boarding from stops within the buffer zone will pay upon boarding and receive a section-ticket, which is to be returned to the driver when alighting, without the need to pay again. For 3-section bus route, additional bus fare is determined based on whether or not passengers hold the section-ticket.