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Traffic light countdown timers in the main travel arteries in Wanhua District were modified. A follow-up performance review was conducted accordingly. The review concluded on June 11.

Community-based parking management was inaugurated for self maintenance and supervision in Wenshan District’s Jingyuan Mansion, Zhongzheng District’s Xinsheng Newspaper Plaza Mansion, and Daan District’s Shuangxi Mansion.

Zhinan Bus No. 2056 was given a new route, becoming City Bus No. 756.

MRT Daqiaotou Station and MRT Fujen University Station on Taipei Metro’s Xinzhuang Line were now in service.

Lunar New Year Shoppers’ Bus 518 began service. The service ended on January 21.

City Bus Songjiang Line was merged with Bus 280.

"Over 1,000 Low-Floor Buses in Active Service in Taipei City" Celebration.

The planning and renovation of traffic control facilities in Lunar New Year’s shopping district kicked off. The project ended on January 22.

Review and inspection of the “2012 Lunar New Year’s Eve ‘Passenger Coach Public Safety Assessment’ began.

Underground parking at Jiancheng Park in Taipei City completed construction.

Review and assessment of the “2012 Lunar New Year’s Eve ‘Passenger Coach Public Safety” began.

Lunar New Year Shopping Shuttle 542 was launched. Service ended on January 22.

Lunar New Year Shopping Shuttle 542 was launched. Service ended on January 22.

“Bus No. 9008 Taipei – Taichung,” a service operated by Capital, Sanchong, and Taichung Bus companies was shut down.

Bus No. Blue 51 (shuttling between MRT Kunyang Station and Antai Borough) was inaugurated.

Underground parking services at World Trade Center Park and Dalong Elementary School completed construction and began service.

Inspection was enforced at Taipei Main Station’s controlled area as part of Lunar New Year’s security control measure; it ended on January 29.

Designated shuttle for “praying for blessings” was inaugurated. Service ended on January 27.

75 intelligent bus stops were successfully installed, giving commuters at the waiting booths real-time bus arrival updates.