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Ground-floor parking lots were inaugurated at Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office.

Community-based parking management was completed in Wenshan District’s Qilin Universe Mansion, and the neighborhood surrounding Shilin District’s Chengde Mansion, and Datong District’s Dragon Gate Mansion. Parking would be managed by the community committee.

The following categories of drivers were qualified for round-the-clock free parking across the city: those who possess a "C" anti-counterfeit designated parking certification card for the physically disabled, or vehicles with designated license plates for the physically disabled, issued by Taipei City; and drivers whose drivers license are marked with a "Class C" disability - or, those with multiple physical disabilities, or those who rely on assistive mobility instruments.

Online payment service for roadside parking was naugurated.

Q1 “Taipei City Bus System Drivers Service Quality Improvement Seminar 2012” was hosted.

The 2012 Traffic Monitoring and Control Systems (hardware) project began.

Agencies were invited to go on a joint inspection tour around traffic facilities in areas neighboring MRT Dongmen Station connecting Zhonghe, Xinzhuang and Luzhou.

26 low-floor buses designated under Metropolitan Bus No. 270 began service.

Working with financial institutions (including farmers' co-ops, fishermen's co-op, and credit unions) to service more people, the number of organizations accepting traffic violation fine payments from users with their ATM's via the internet and voice service has grown from the original 8 to more than 300.

A trial run for a two-month service cut of How Tai Bus's No. 2012 began.

A press conference on "2012 Taipei International Car-Free Day" began.

A "Car-free essay competition for 2012 Taipei International Car-Free Day" was held. The event ended on August 31.

A trial run for a two-month service cut of Bus No. 9026 - jointly run by Metropolitan Bus and Capital Bus - began.

A trial run for a two-month service cut of CitiAir Bus's No. 2068 began.

Taipei City's YouBike rental systems installation and operation project was completed at 30 stations.

The Public Transportation Office and Employment and Vocational Training Center of the Department of Labor jointly held a "Career Driver Trainings for Large Passenger Buses" commencement ceremony.

"2012 Taipei City Bus Driving Safety Seminar Session 3" was held.

Priority Parking spaces for Expectant Mothers were added in 38 public parking lots.