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A "Taipei Free" wireless service hotspot was set up at Traffic Adjudication Office's Information Center for visitor use at free of charge.

The number of compact-size rehab buses in Taipei City has shot through the 200 benchmark.

Travel restrictions had been lifted: drivers could now turn left onto Civic Overpass’s Dongning Ramp when traveling northward on Civic Boulevard, Section 5 and Dongxing Road.

Community-based parking management was completed in Shilin District’s Huaqi Mansion Renzuo Complex, and Huaqi Mansion’s B Complex. Parking would be managed by the community committee.

2012 Q1 English Conversation Courses for cab drivers were held.

Groundbreaking ceremony for Taipei City's YouBike rental systems installation and operation project was held.

The First-Half-Year 2012 Driving Safety Inspection was conducted. The inspection ended on May 18.

8 low-floor buses designated under Southeast Bus No. 207 began service.

"2012 Taipei City Bus Driving Safety Seminar Session 2" was held.

A news conference on "Greater Taipei Bus Arrival Schedules Voice Inquiry Hotline" set up by Taipei City and New Taipei City was held. Callers coulddial (02) 2728-5284 to access all the bus arrival schedules listed in both cities.

"Taipei City Road Construction Traffic Maintenance and Inspection Project" was formulated.